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Radiology Resources for Clinicians

Eric M. Walser, MD

Mardi Gras


Dr. Seth Morris, in the department of chemistry, made the first xray tube at UTMB in 1896 - one year after the invention of xrays by Wilhelm Roentgen. While you can no longer speak with Dr. Morris, below are links for you to speak with our modern day radiologists staffing 3 hospitals and numerous other imaging locations.

Q-genda is our scheduling software and, from this spreadsheet, you can see the radiology residents and faculty staffing the subsections such as interventional radiology and neuroradiology. Since the residents and faculty are on their digital PACS machines, the best way to start a conversation is to find the person on Skype LYNC and text them your phone number or your question. Radiologists are almost always in front of computer screens unless performing procedures. If you get no response from faculty, try the resident or fellow on the service.

Q-genda opens in a new window.

Also below is a contact list for phones in Radiology administration and in the various sections of our department.

SECTIONPhone NumberLocationFax Number
Department of Radiology (409) 747-7000  
Interventional Nursing(409) 772-2274  
Residency Program(409) 747-28492.422 Clinical Sciences 
ER CT(409) 772-3480  
Appointments - Inpatient Registration(409) 772-71502.106, UHC(409) 747-2850
Appointments - MRI Reception(409) 772-71502.106, UHC(409) 747-2850
Appointments - Outpatient Reception(409) 772-71502.106, UHC(409) 747-2850
Appointments - Pediatric Reception(409) 772-71502.106 UHC(409) 747-2850
Appointments - TDCJ Reception(409) 772-61443rd Floor, TDCJ Hospital(409) 747-2850
Appointments - Victory Lakes(832) 505-1400 (281) 309-0259
Eric Walser, M.D., Chairman(409) 747-01002.103 UHC(409) 772-8219
Glenn Garcia, M.D., Vice Chairman(409) 772-48842.103 UHC(409) 772-8219
Josanne Smathers, Administrator(409) 766-79065.904 Jennie Sealy Hospital(409) 772-8219
Norma Hernandez, Assistant Administrator(409) 747-06061.116J Keiller Bldg(409) 772-2500
Belinda Escamilla, Director, Radiology Services(409) 772-24332.410, UHC(409) 747-2843
Breast Imaging(409) 772-75322.600, UHC(409) 747-2860
Chest / Cardio Thoracic Imaging(409) 772-71582.818, John Sealy Annex(409) 772-2303
Interventional/Vascular(409) 772-22742.424, Clinical Sciences Bldg.(409) 772-1814
Musculoskeletal(409) 772-91582.814 John Sealy Annex(409) 772-3380
Neuroradiology(409) 772-69092.804, John Sealy Annex(409) 772-2303
PET / Nuclear Medicine(409) 772-80652.474, Clinical Sciences Bldg.(409) 747-2860
Reading Stations   
Chest(409) 747-28532.486, Clinical Sciences Bldg. 
CT Body(409) 747-1778  
ER(409) 747-28042.916A, Trauma Center 
GI/GU(409) 772-71682.312, UHC 
Interventional(409) 772-2845  
Mammography(409) 772-20132.622, UHC 
MRI(409) 747-28132.338, McCullough Bldg. 
Musculoskeletal(409) 772-9159  
Nuclear Medicine(409) 772-80122.490, Clinical Sciences Bldg. 
Pediatric(409) 772-34902.206, Children's Hospital 
Ultrasound(409) 747-17782.326C, McCullough Bldg. 
Residency Program(409) 747-28492.820, John Sealy Annex(409) 772-7120
Imaging Library(409) 772-11102.136, John Sealy Annex(409) 747-2861

If you need attention from me or my vice chair, Dr. Glenn Garcia, call us at our office 409-747-0100 or send an email for less urgent needs. Thanks for trusting us with the imaging needs of your patients

Eric M. Walser MD
John Sealy Professor and Chairman of Radiology
University of Texas Medical Branch
301 University Blvd
Galveston, Texas 77555-0709

UTMB's Department of Radiology is accredited by the American College of Radiology in: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT), Nuclear Medicine, and Ultrasound. It is also recognized as a Center of Excellence for Breast Imaging.

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